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Diversified Demolition, Charlotte’s Top Demolition Contractors, has been providing Home Owner’s, General Contractors and Commercial Business’s the Best in Demolition Services in Charlotte, NC for over 25 years. Quality Work and Affordable Pricing are always guaranteed when you go with Diversified Demolition. Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Call 704-506-1165 for a No Cost, No Commitment Demolition Quote Today!

Our expertise is in the Demolition of Homes, Commercial Buildings & Industrial Site Clearing, Pool Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Underground Storage Tank Removal, Concrete Demolition Removal, Well Abandonment & more. 

Our Professional & Experienced Staff can assist you with Project Planning, Site Preparation, Demolition and Debris Removal. Diversified Demolition offers you a complete solution to your project’s needs from start to finish. We can help you make informed decisions on the Demolition process, therefore reducing the Cost, Time and Scope of the Demolition Project. 

We learned long ago that our reputation and success is built and reliant upon satisfied customers. So no matter what kind of Demolition Service you need, you can count on the Dedicated and Professional Staff at Diversified Demolition to deliver Above and Beyond your Expectations.

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